Latest listings… some nifty twelve inchers

Bringing you news of our latest batch of listings in our eBay emporium. An eclectic selection of 12″ singles many of which are in EX condition. Something for everybody in this brand new addition to our burgeoning inventory. Not just those pictured above but artists ranging from John Lennon to Cabaret Voltaire, from Vanilla IceContinue reading “Latest listings… some nifty twelve inchers”

Pukka packaging for precious vinyl

Sad I know, but I always enjoy receiving a delivery of packaging materials. Bulk purchases help keep the costs down and a large number of boxes arrived at TGS towers yesterday. Included were cardboard LP mailers, corrugated stiffeners, fresh white paper inner sleeves and re-usable 12″ poly bags for storing those precious records…. plus someContinue reading “Pukka packaging for precious vinyl”

New arrivals… some prime 12 inch cuts

Another fine selection to add to our burgeoning stock of vinyl – a quality bunch of 12″ singles! Some great titles here including classic titles from Deee-Lite, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five, Public Image Limited, John Lennon and Run DMC. We absolutely adore the 12″ single format here at TGS towers. Due toContinue reading “New arrivals… some prime 12 inch cuts”

Incoming… vinyl cleaned and ready to go

Here’s a recent and somewhat eclectic acquistion of LPs and 12″ singles… all cleaned, play-tested and listed in our eBay emporium. The main image shows some peachy discs from Barry Brown & Johnny Clarke, Sacred Reich, The Byrds, Shabba Ranks & Chaka Demus, Blackslate Meets Soul Syndicate and House Of Love. And then (below) offeringsContinue reading “Incoming… vinyl cleaned and ready to go”

Freshly vacuumed vinyl

All of our vinyl records are cleaned before dispatch. Spreading some specialist cleaning fluid across the surface of the record, followed by a few rotations on the rather excellent Pro-ject VC-S Mk II vacuum cleaning machine certainly makes for a much improved playback experience. Clearly this process isn’t going to remove physical defects like scratchesContinue reading “Freshly vacuumed vinyl”

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