Latest listings… some nifty twelve inchers

Bringing you news of our latest batch of listings in our eBay emporium. An eclectic selection of 12″ singles many of which are in EX condition.

Something for everybody in this brand new addition to our burgeoning inventory. Not just those pictured above but artists ranging from John Lennon to Cabaret Voltaire, from Vanilla Ice to Deee-Lite and from Run DMC to Scritti Politti. Get ’em while they’re hot, they won’t be around for long.

Not included in this batch are any Hüsker Dü records. But I have just put some on display in my Art Vinyl frames. Their first three vinyl albums no less – their debut LP ‘Land Speed Record’ (a live recording), ‘Everything Falls Apart’ and the double album ‘Zen Arcade’.

I first encountered the music of the Minneapolis hardcore punk trio back in 1984 when I heard ‘Everything Falls Apart’ played in the iconic Rough Trade shop in Ladbroke Grove. Things were never quite the same again. Funnily enough ‘husker du‘ translates as ‘do you remember?‘ in Danish and Norwegian and, oh yes indeedy, I very much recall the first time I heard Bob, Grant and Greg do their thang.

This trio of vinyl classics are must-haves if you have a penchant for US punk and also, by the time of Zen Arcade, you start to hear the band’s move to a rather less hardcore, more alternative rock sound. Well worth tracking these beauties down if you possibly can.

And here’s a glimpse of the boys from Saint Paul in their pomp. Just over two minutes of blistering, raw rock. Turn up the volume, hit play and wig out!

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