Pukka packaging for precious vinyl

Sad I know, but I always enjoy receiving a delivery of packaging materials. Bulk purchases help keep the costs down and a large number of boxes arrived at TGS towers yesterday.

Included were cardboard LP mailers, corrugated stiffeners, fresh white paper inner sleeves and re-usable 12″ poly bags for storing those precious records…. plus some plain black ‘disco bags’ for those records that are in good shape but are housed in a dodgy, damaged cover.

Here’s how the packaging process works… a freshly cleaned record is inserted into a brand new white paper inner to ensure it stays clean. The record is always packaged separately from the outer sleeve to avoid the possibility of ‘push through’ seam splits. Then the record, outer sleeve and any original inner sleeve are placed inside a good quality polythene bag (which is intended to be re-used at the buyers end). This is then sandwiched between two cardboard stiffeners before being slipped inside the mailer.

All the cardboard packaging is recyclable… and the polythene bag is designed to be used by the buyer to keep the record cover clean and tidy at its new home. The mailer and stiffeners prevent bending and corner bumping in transit. Please check out our stock of vinyl records in our eBay shop.

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