Freshly vacuumed vinyl

All of our vinyl records are cleaned before dispatch. Spreading some specialist cleaning fluid across the surface of the record, followed by a few rotations on the rather excellent Pro-ject VC-S Mk II vacuum cleaning machine certainly makes for a much improved playback experience.

Clearly this process isn’t going to remove physical defects like scratches and other surface wear. However, a spin on the VC-S does lift dust and fingerprints from the record surface, providing audible relief from some of the crackle & pop that can affect even a well looked-after disc.

Once cleaned we house the record in a fresh white paper sleeve so that it arrives in fresh and zingy condition. No point popping it back into a dusty old inner. If the album sports an original printed/lyric inner sleeve, this will still be provided with your purchase but we won’t use this to house the record. Additionally this has the benefit of avoiding any possibility of seam splits to the edge of the inner bag during transit.

For those wondering about the record in the picture above… Catherine Wheel hailed from Great Yarmouth and this is their 1993 single ‘Show Me Mary’ – a great listen from a band that transitioned from their shoegazing roots to a more metallic sound later in the 90s.

Check out our current stock of 12″ records and watch this space for news of the latest additions to our inventory, including some peachy stuff as seen below:

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